Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to make Housing accountable - the Basics

I have had many requests from other victims of anti-social neighbours to produce a "how to" guide... so here it is:

How to put Housing on notice that you are not going to take this anymore!

Firstly - print out this statement in large letters and stick it on your fridge; say it to yourself every morning and repeat it to every Housing staff member you encounter:

I have a RIGHT to quiet enjoyment of my property.
The Landlord must take all reasonable steps TO ENSURE that my other neighbouring tenants do not interfere with my reasonable peace, comfort or privacy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tenant SUES Housing NSW - and WINS!!!

Last August we reported on a tenant who was taking HNSW to the CTTT for their failure to deal appropriately with her anti-social neighbour.

We are pleased to announce that SHE WON !!!

It took 7 months to go through 3 court hearings - the only defence offered by Housing was a handful of fabricated incident reports with incorrect dates and fictitious events. With over 100 pages of evidence against the noisy neighbour, none of which had been acted upon in two years, Housing's position was indefensible.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Keeping up with the FERALS

Further to our story about where all the money goes... the DoH tenant who trashed her 2 bedroom house and was rewarded by HNSW with a nice new 4 bedroom property, left this mess and a ~$5000 damage bill for Housing to take care of.

The rotting putrid pile in the backyard The patio

The kitchen which was only one year old The carpet which was new
The walls which were painted recently... And now it is boarded up and uninhabitable