Thursday, May 19, 2011

Indigenous housing group backs eviction laws

From ABC
The Goldfields Indigenous Housing Organisation has welcomed new legislation proposed by the Western Australian Government to address unsuitable behaviour in public housing.

The legislation would allow the Department of Housing to call on the magistrates court to evict disruptive tenants.

Goldfields Indigenous Housing Organisation CEO Julia Shadlow-Bath says the new laws will give authorities more power to deal with troublesome tenants.

"We can issue you with breach notices and those breach notices could escalate to the point of an eviction notice," she said.

"It is something we always want to try and avoid because more homelessness doesn't help anyone, but at the end of the day if you are not prepared to act responsibly on our property, well there are plenty more people on the public housing list to take your place."

Please PLEASE bring this law to NSW. Ed.



  2. Common decent Victorian DOH residents;lets all e-mail the Victorian Minister of Housing= and tell her about WA Goverment's great new law addressing eviction for feral tenants.If we all stick together and address this new law to her maybe we can get the same laws here.Tell other tenants about this that dont have access to a computer to write to her as well.If we do nothing;nothing will change;we have to act NOW!

  3. half the trouble is you'll find a lot of the office girls you'll deal with in the department of housing seem to be young little teenie boppers around 20-25 that wouldn't care if the public are having problems with homeswest clients or not, they just get there pay packet and party on the weekend and thats all there worried about, thats the government for ya tho, and this is relevant and true because ive seen it when ive had to deal with doh before!!

    1. Vicky

      What a gross generalisation about staff. Most staff are committed to their work and would love to be able to resolve our client's problems. Unfortunately we have been given policies to which we need to adhere that require us to house people who clearly have no regard for their neighbours and do not have any idea how to live peacefully with other people. Then when they do create problems we have to work through a legal system that makes it very difficult to actually evict someone who continually breaks their lease.

    2. thats the biggest load of nonesnse ive ever heard, if your ever in a situation living next to scum youll soon wake up Vicky

  4. if only you lived next to some of your own tenants, you'd realize what were all putting up with..

  5. you wouldnt be stickin up for some of these tenants if you were right next door and your stuff was getting damaged

  6. there is one particular family in Carole park Brisbane that are a disgrace to the community. the mother should be ashamed of herself and her children. they r grubs that don't respect their doh and all they do is yell and swear and with their limited vocabulary all u hear is dog, maggot etc. also is all the losers no how to do is box and play football cause I no they try to intimidate people by boxing in the street. get the deadbeats out and give the house to someone waiting and deserving.


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