Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where does all the money go?

From a HNSW tenant:
I've been waiting 13 months to get a downpipe fixed. Simple job. It's been assessed by the Assets Team but they say they "have no money". They haven't had any money for 13 months. Every month it's the same excuse. Now, because of the leaking downpipe, the window has rotted. Now they have to find the money for the downpipe AND the window. It took about 3 months for the benchtops to become swollen - because the window leaked - because the downpipe was broken. You get the picture...

Recently my neighbour moved out. The best word to describe my neighbour was "feral". She lived like a pig, she acted like a pig. She left the yard like this:


Monday, February 7, 2011

The ultimate LIMP FISH response.

"... creating harmonious communities..."

Sounds nice, doesn't it.

Should be fairly easy to achieve. Putting like minded people together creates harmony - strengthens a community.

It's the concept behind the Over 55's units. It’s the strategy used with various ethnic groups: language, customs, support and culture… tenants are much happier where they feel they “belong”.

The opposite is the recipe for disaster. For example, allocating a unit to a transgender lady in a block where a known violent homophobe resides would just be asking for trouble. Putting a young, uneducated mother with a brood of unruly children in the middle of an elderly estate would be inviting failure.

So asking HNSW to uphold their own policy and allocate to "create a harmonious community" should elicit a positive response and beneficial outcome for all.

I have personally witnessed two occasions where HNSW have “hand-picked” tenants to ensure that harmony is maintained. It was so successful that the Minister used it in a press release as an example of “good design” in tenant allocation, and  “creating prosperous communities”.