Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where does all the money go?

From a HNSW tenant:
I've been waiting 13 months to get a downpipe fixed. Simple job. It's been assessed by the Assets Team but they say they "have no money". They haven't had any money for 13 months. Every month it's the same excuse. Now, because of the leaking downpipe, the window has rotted. Now they have to find the money for the downpipe AND the window. It took about 3 months for the benchtops to become swollen - because the window leaked - because the downpipe was broken. You get the picture...

Recently my neighbour moved out. The best word to describe my neighbour was "feral". She lived like a pig, she acted like a pig. She left the yard like this:


This will cost HNSW about $1000 to clean up and get rid of the rodents, the cockroaches and the fleas.
I hate to imagine what the inside of the house is like.

WHY are the ferals allowed to get away with this?
WHY do the decent tenants have to suffer because HNSW won't act on their own policies?
WHEN will we get proper management of Housing with the backbone to stand up to the ferals and make them PAY for their disgusting living standards?

This particular feral wasn't evicted - she was REWARDED with a brand new HNSW home.


  1. I know what you mean about them having no money for repairs except it has been longer than 13 months. I have a relative who lives in a block of units almost 3 years ago ( july 2008) they had repair work done. The exterior had bricks removed to allow gas pilot work everyone else has had the bricks replaced but not my mum. She had been ringing maintenance with no luck she has had inspections and pointed it out still no luck. When she finally told me in Oct that it still had not been fixed i phoned and was told it was not a priority. I informed that she had been told it would be fixed within 10 days and it wasn't again they say it's up to the assets team. All this time she has a whole in her wall which you can look in from outside, i said she was having trouble with vermin coming in and the response was that's her problem.When i said that people could see in that was different the asset team would be notified and it could take up to 6 weeks before we hear anything.It has now been almost 5 months since that call and still nothing.My mum is an elderly lady on her own always pays her bills on time and she gets nothing, if she were a feral it would be different.

  2. I had a feral across the road who got all their smashed up doors replaced, all broken windows fixed all carpet taken away and replaced new, she was also given extra rubbish bins for the filth she lived in, then she was given another doh home. I cant even get my roof gutter fixed because they said its ok, when in rain it overflows has a gap between it and the roof also have a big hole in garden below. I dont want to live like a feral just to get a bit of help to repair their own property, its very frustrating, they really dont seem to care, unfortuately. Its really not fair

  3. i live next to some federals over the last 15 years and they got move in to other housing. But when I approach them for work they treat me like i am beneath them and i should keep my mouth closed.
    When you question there manner they walk a way and accuse you of being aggressive. It makes you feel depressed. The Government should investigate the employers of the department and see the money wasting and the decision making.
    This would open some eyes as the waste of of money is seen in the maintenance they do around our home is second rate and need doing again and again. Also in client service officers that you never see and hear from no mater how many times you call them.


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