Saturday, March 21, 2015

Worthy - not just Needy

As the Ferals increasing take over public housing and as the public servants stand by and watch the communities spiral into ghettos, we ask what can be done to properly MANAGE public housing and their occupants.

I can hear the bleeding hearts now - "but the Ferals will be homeless if we evict them". Well so be it. Perhaps that is exactly what is needed - a stint of homelessness - to make them appreciate what the State has provided for them. Why don't we round up the existing Homeless and swap them with the Ferals. I'll bet the Homeless will be so grateful for a roof that, given the opportunity, they'll become model tenants. If they genuinely believed that bad behaviour would leave them back on the streets, then behold a transformation.

It has to be more than just "needy" to rid Housing of the Feral mentality. We have to develop a sense of "worthy". Who are the people who DESERVE a home; who have EARNED the right to live in decent communities; who have made ADVANCES in their life and IMPROVEMENTS to their house; who have taken full advantage of the OPPORTUNITY given to them and are WORTHY of tax-payer funded homes.

It may seem like a hard line and I am not talking about the genuine mental illness cases (which should be managed more effectively by the Health Service, but that's another story). I am talking about the Ferals who CHOOSE to be Ferals, those who have no boundaries and no clue about how normal people behave and generally just don't give a sh!t about anyone but themselves.

All tenants sign a lease with certain conditions about looking after the property and being a good neighbour. There is now a policy of "Renewable Tenancy" to encourage good behaviour. But just like a child screaming for lollies, or a dog being house-trained, if there are no CONSEQUENCES for bad actions then the policy is not worth the paper it is written on.

In fact the opposite is the case. Ferals learn very quickly that they can get away with anything - NO amount of bad behaviour will see them evicted.
And why NOT?
Because the Ferals are also "victims". They play the victim card to any bleeding heart in Housing, DoCS, Centrelink who allow them to perpetuate being a victim and indeed encourages the victim mentality.

Always someone else is to blame. They are a victim of their upbringing, of society, of their race, of their poverty. They become powerless to break away from being victims and this gives them carte blanche to commit any crime, any bad behaviour, any vandalism or harrassment that suits their needs.

About 10 years ago, South Australia targeted the 100 worst Feral families and enforced their Anti-Social Behaviour Policy. The Ferals weren't just moved on to create havoc in another community, they were evicted or placed under Acceptable Behaviour Agreements.

This needs to happen every year, in every State. Take action against the 100 worst Ferals and watch the whole attitude towards Public Housing change!


  1. FTR: while ‘renewable tenancies’ may exist as a management policy option/formality, terms are rarely, if ever, reviewed. Terms are routinely and perfunctorily renewed. While HNSW (under passion-fingers Tripodi I think?) may have had high hopes for RTs, HNSW found the system an administrative nightmare so cumbersome as to rival the burden of Sisyphus. I would not be surprised to find that because RTs haven’t been reviewed and managed with every new tenancy, there are legal (discrimination/equity/administrative fairness) issues associated with trying to apply RT policy as a tool to manage a problematic tenancy today.

  2. a group of ferals - drug dealers,child abusers,thieves got together in my building & made me look like the bad guy - for standing up for myself & the children BEING ABUSED including my own child.
    as a group they lied to housing nsw , THE POLICE & COURTS IN AN ATTEMPT TO GET RID OF ME.
    NOT ONLY DID THEY ABUSE my child & me they used the
    government systems to make me a anxious nervous wreck.
    the police have type cast all housing commission people as scum & 2nd rate citizens.
    and treat us as such.
    the police have falsely imprisoned me,assaulted me,
    & waisted a lot of tax payer money following the lies of these ferals.
    & their is jack s**t i can do about it.
    i should be out in the world working ,living,& loving =instead the situation has made me a burden on the system instead of the system helping.
    the client service officers are not doing their jobs = the did not research any facts & attempted to put my child & i on the streets (when i spent 8 months producing evidence that these Ferrel's were lying i got no apology no help & their were no consequences to these disgusting human beings.
    i have received 2 offers of transfers to housing estates with 10 times the amount of ferals that i currently live with. THANKS -NOT!
    the trades men do doggy work the whole system is F***ed! & THE NICE PEOPLE GET NO CHANCE.
    & the cost to health is already too much.
    also their is corruption in the system =
    pay the right person $5000 & you get what you want I wish i had $5000.
    why can i only move to a 2 bedroom place when healthy single men are put in to 2 bedroom units in my building ?
    the solution is simple property management mr housing minister SO PULL YOUR FINGER OUT !

  3. AUSTRALIA treats the illegal boat people better than its own & invests more money on them too.
    why not express humanity AT HOME 1ST

  4. Worthy to receive a home? But who would want to know they "deserved" to pay rent for the filthy hovel we live in. Ours looks like it was built in 1950s with no insulation and only a thin sheet of asbestos on the outer walls. It's freezing cold in winter and mould grows back as fast as we clean it off. It's an oven in summer. Moisture runs down the walls. Our air conditioner can't cope. It often overheats and shuts itself off. This is what we pay rent for? To live amongst drunks, druggies, ex-cons, thieves, bikie prostitutes (true!), and aboriginals who slam their children through walls and try to shove a rusty curtain rod into my eye because I moved THEIR rubbish bins from OUR lawn, so I could mow OUR grass!

    No normal person "deserves" a NSW DoH property. Build big estates and cram the ferals altogether again - so we can rent privately, or buy our own home somewhere WITHOUT any scum.

  5. I am also a victim of ferals and drug dealers in my units and no one (not even the cops)seem to want to help me. Yesterday I found a feral having a shot on the stairs ( right outside my unit)....I have spoken to the DOH and they treat me like i am making trouble for these poor outcasts of society.....Yeah yeah, spare me the dribble and get some serious policy going that protects the decent folk that do the right thing in these places..


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