Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WA: Unruly tenants to face tougher rules

ABC News - Tuesday, 05 April, 2011

The state government is to toughen up its three strikes public housing policy.

Under the policy introduced in 2009, Homeswest tenants could be evicted if they were involved in criminal or disruptive behaviour on three occasions.

The Housing Minister Troy Buswell says under the new rules, there will be three categories of anti-social behaviour.

He has told the ABC the most serious breaches, which will include the manufacture of drugs and behaviour leading to restraining orders, will result in legal action to evict the tenant.

"I expect that these and other changes will see, well our desire is to see more people who disrupt their neighbourhoods and don't act appropriately as Homeswest tenants evicted," he said.

A caller to the ABC, Maureen says she has complained about problem state housing tenants next door to her for a long time and the three strikes policy is not working.

"I went through those years with the complaints coming in and then all of a sudden it changed and it had to be three strikes, well, the three strikes came up and we're still waiting," she said.

The three categories include dangerous behaviour which will instigate immediate proceedings to evict the tenant.

The serious category will cover drunken or abusive behaviour where the tenant will get one warning but will be evicted if another incident occurs within 12 months.

Minor incidents will include anti-social behaviour with which the tenant could face eviction if they have three strikes in 12 month period.

Please Mr O'Farrell - can we have the same in NSW.


  1. i live in DOH in victoria and hope the same rules will apply here and in all states around Australia;after all DOH is DOH;same rules should apply all across the country. Ferals are ferals and these people need to be evicted and made accountable for their actions;so what if they become homeless they deserve it!!

  2. I live in NSW and have complained continually about my junkie neighbour harrassing me, why can't she be evicted, I live my life in fear of going outside my house, as she abuses me every chance she gets.............

  3. They certainly don't follow that rule here in queensland because Ive had an unrulely neighbour who has broken all rules - had the police here for bad behaviour, loud music, druge and fights in the driveway. It has been going on for over 2 1/2 years. They think that they can do what they want. Everytime they get into trouble with the department they disappear for at least 2 months, only then to come back and start all over again.

  4. I live in WA and the new "crackdown on antisocial behavior" is a joke!! it means that everything that happened before the new policy came in is irrelevant and therefore previous antisocial behavior does not count towards this new policy. i currently hold three violence restraining orders against the neighbor i share a wall with after receiving months of verbal abuse and threats of violence and even death. my door has been broken, my windows smashed and still they continue to live there while I have to tip toe in and out of my house to go to my part time job and study. Homeswest does not care about the tenants who are adding value to their properties and obeying the rules, and they dont do their jobs- maintainence takes forever to get done and even then its not completed properly. I feel like i'm living in prison

  5. i live in wa and have been on the receiving end of two years of abuse including 3 restraining orders and homeswest still hasnt evicted them. the new crackdown is a joke- homeswest dont do their jobs and dont care about the good tenants. i feel like i'm living in prison except that there is no one to help me- even police arrive too late to make a difference and basically all they can say is "until you are physically injured we cant help you" which is what homeswest says too. i wish i could afford private rental because this is hell!

  6. WA: Unruly tenants to face tougher rules is a joke. An Aboriginal woman got 1 one bedroom unit 2 years ago and since then it was a squatting motel. Dozens of people living at any one time. Smashing windows, doors, drugs,fights, etc. Police is now an everyday thing. Homeswest doesn't care even though several neighbours complained.


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