Friday, August 10, 2012

United we stand

There are many many comments on this blog about "banding together" and fighting "class actions".

Great ideas but as we all know, the time it takes to implement such processes and run them consistently with dedication, is often a burden upon one or two people.

To help spread the load and to address different concerns in the different states, three groups have set up on Facebook:

Friends of Public Housing Victoria

Friends of Public Housing NSW

Friends of Public Housing Queensland

Support them and learn from them and together we can attempt to change Public Housing in Australia.


  1. I am a tenant and admire what this blog is trying to do. Sadly, too many instances of tenants who have a giant outstretched hand, with no interest in who is paying for what they want. Whether you print this or not doesn't matter to me, the fact remains....e.g. Yahoo news - being lucky enough to get a private house via housing for special needs and then falling pregnant and whinging that the house is not built for a dwarf who is pregnant - so tax payers should fork out for a specially made house!? because they have, instead of counting their blessings for what they have got, gone to the media because housing won't give them what they want! I doubt if that couple will get any sympathy from taxpayers!

    1. I agree - as I have always said, Housing is a privilege, not a right. Too many tenants forget that -like the Ferals - and then we all suffer.

  2. I agree with OHS Admin reply...housing is a privilege, that is why Friends of Public Housing have started sites in Vic, Qld and NSW, other states are interested in coming onboard to help save public housing from becoming privatised or dismantled leaving people worst off than they are now...Please click on a friends site and tick will find quiet alot of information regarding the public housing changes in different states on the NSW site.

  3. Remember Mr Squiggle on TV? Ever wondered if he went to work for public housing when they sign a letter with a little squiggle and no identifying name? Mr Squiggle was far too articulate and talented (and he could draw, bless his little wooden soul)so it can't be him. I think when you get a letter with this squiggle and no identifying name, it probably would not hold up as legal in Tenants Tribunal (not sure)and it is most likely a matter that has been dealt with by the wrong person who does not want it to go through their superior(s).

  4. Before going to tribunal, there is a tenant feedback service that you can email a letter of complaint to and your local housing office has to tell you how to get hold of them. It claims to contact you within 15 working days when the matter has been dealt with. Even if it just goes back to the manager of your local office to resolve, it goes past Client Service Officers. I can't say I know how effective this is but worth a try...don't forget to mark and send c.c. copies to whoever is relevant to your complaint, whether a doctor, legal aid, or whoever else is hearing you when your public housing office is not hearing you.

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  6. There is a pdf file that one can google: becoming a client services officer. It is well worth reading as it states that a cso will be working with the most vulnerable people in the community and the necessity of communication by the cso is also mentioned. Whilst I am not writing this to bag all csos' in no part of the job description does it say a cso can be rude, sarcastic and obtuse towards the clients. It also appears that an empathy for other people, especially those in need is a requirement, and, though no formal qualifications are required, a person applying for such a position should be prepared to take in-house training. This all means that you are entitled to be spoken to with respect and consideration just like any other member of the community.

  7. Hi,does anyone know of a tribunal for public housing tenants in Tasmania? I found this site through many hrs of frustrating internet searching for at least one independant body that Housing Tasmania is answerable to. My case has gone on for 18mths and has become very complex, the more help I seek the worse it gets. Even the Ombudsman's office is getting flogged off by HT while trying to gain access to my file under the RTI, and seem to be shrugging their shoulders as though this is normal.The Tenancy Union refused to speak with me as soon as HT were mentioned - was told they don't deal with public housing tenant (which I now know is false) Are they a law unto themselves here in Tasmania? I seem to be hitting brick walls at every turn - any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

  8. I would be extremely interested in hearing from any other Tasmanian public tenants who have been mistreated by HT - and their stories.

  9. Just a suggestion: Do you have the free office of Legal Aid in Tas? Also, have you tried to phone any mainland tenancy group to find information that is basically the same all over Australia regardless of what they say in Tas? I am not sure if I am allowed to put their numbers up here but for NSW they are:Tenants Advice Line in NSW through the Dept of Fair Trading 1800 251 101 and also Tenants Advice and Advocacy 1800807225. All 3 of these will try to help public housing tenants, I know, I tried them. Good luck.

  10. October 3 2012: Yahoo news article where public service are being sacked due to staff failure to treat colleagues and the public with respect and courtesy. Once upon a time public servants never got sacked, so, maybe this is a sign that the public (us) should be treated courteously by HNSW staff...

  11. Thanks Anonymous - September 19. I have taken these numbers down. The Dept of Fair Trading in Tas only deals with bond disputes basically. I've made small progress here. The Woman's Legal Services helped me with one of the issues. (I was reported to Child Protection Services by DHHS because I refused to accept a transfer to a unit which would have seen my young son suffer more.I had documents to back up my reasons. Funnily enough, DHHS had the very information, for months,they used as there reasoning behind their decision to refer me to CPS). No other legal service will help.
    After almost 7 months, I have received my files, which are incomplete, so the matter is back in the hands of the Ombudsman's office. The files are an important part of my case so am hoping they will eventually be handed over to me as required under the Right to Information Act. HT flexing their muscles in this David and Goliath battle? Will update any progress made.


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