Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Rotten eggs float

Have you ever sat across from a Housing staff member in an interview or at the counter and wondered... how the hell does this person manage to get away with being so incompetent?
Like most bureaucrats, the more inept the person – the higher they rise to the top.

It happens like this: the supervisor or team leader is desperate to get rid of the incompetent staff member so they write a glowing reference and initiate a transfer to another section. The new section realises they have been duped and promotes the incompetent person to a higher level. As there are no positions available in that department at the higher level, this method is used as a means of transferring them elsewhere.
Thus, with little effort and no oversight, the most bumbling, facile fool is now in charge of the office.
Drunk on their own vaulted rise to the top, their sense of self-importance is inflated and their ineptitude flows through the entire staff.


  1. Yep - you've nailed it. I worked in Canberra for many years and this is EXACTLY how the biggest bullies get to rule the office

  2. I used to have a fantastic CSO but she was bullied out of the office by her superiors. Now we have teenagers running the place and they move on every 5 minutes so nobody knows the history or the people.

  3. Every time I ring my local office I begin the conversation with "who is my CSO this week"?

  4. Government employees are promoted till they reach their level of incompetence. Told to me in 1975 on my first day at a government department. Very sobering. Has nothing changed.

  5. They are also vindictive.
    They are drunk on their own power


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